Cold Calling is Dead, Email is Dead, So Do This Instead!

Every day some one is declaring something is dead. Email is dead. Social media is dead. Cold calling is dead. There is always some influencer looking to get ahead of the curve and claim some sales technique is dead.

Let me ask you a question.

Is door to door sales dead?

If you said yes, then you should feel lucky that you’ve never heard that knock

on your door at 2:00 on a Wednesday from some selling cleaning supplies or roofing inspections, etc.

Door to door may not be prevalent, but it’s far from dead, and that’s my point.

We need to stop claiming sales techniques are dead and instead figure out how to build our communication stack.

All these prospecting techniques are nothing more than varying communication approaches and learning to use them all based on your target market is how you win.

People are different and like to be connected and engaged through different channels at different times and suggesting that you know what each person’s unique communication channel is pretty bold.

I argue you need to build your own communication stack and use them all in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Think about all your current prospects, where do they live, what do they do, and how might they like to be engaged and at what times.

Understanding that, what would be wrong with a cadence that leverages a robust communication stack that looked like this;

  1. e-mail – cold call – Twitter follow – e-mail again – LinkedIn connection request – cold call – email – snail mail – Twitter DM – LinkedIn Inmail- Text – etc.


Why wouldn’t you create a cadence like this?  Why would anyone ever use just one or two communication mediums to get through to a prospect?  Why would anyone handicap themselves like that?  That’s just silly.

Cold calling isn’t dead.  E-mail isn’t dead. Social isn’t dead. Even, door to door selling isn’t dead. What’s dead is depending on a single communication channel to connect with your prospects.

Don’t listen to the experts. Listen to your prospects and customers. Build a communication cadence leveraging everything in your communication stack. I promise you; some will answer your call, someone will respond to the email, someone will reply to your Twitter DM, someone will connect via LinkedIn, therefore use them all.

Single channel communication, now that’s dead. Don’t do that. That’s just stupid.



  • Mike Garrison


  • Saeed El-Darahali

    Communication stack is key to your strategy. Check out and let me know what you think. Great article.

  • Barry Hall

    Many thanks Keenan, great advice. – Barry.

  • Handwritten letters? 😅

    • Maybe, what ever it takes. 😉

  • rbiv25

    agreed Keenan…all forms of communication are tools in the tool box.

  • marc zazeela

    Indeed, this is all true. A mentor of mine once told me that if I want to find new customers, I have to figure out where to find them. They won’t all be in the same places. As you say, some will prefer email, others social media, some will be phone people, etc. It would be foolish to expect them to be where you prefer they would be.

    • Love this Marc, exactly!

  • john king

    Very true Keenan. It is human to human, everyone is unique.
    All the best sir.

  • Barry Hall

    Great post Keenan many thanks for sharing it with us. – Barry.