Sales Tip: Get the Customer to Let You Help Them

This is one my most repeated sales tips. Your entire selling effort should focus on getting the customer to “let” you help them. If the customer isn’t willing to let you help them. You’re not selling and they aren’t going to buy. We need the prospect to participate in the sale with us in order to create a valuable solution. Learn to get the prospect to let you help them.    

Why America Will Never Be Great!

  Happy 4th of July or is it Happy Independence Day?  I didn’t think it mattered, as I figured they were interchangeable, however apparently according to a friend of mine, they are not.  I learned this because he posted so on his Facebook page. He posted this: If you wish American citizens “Happy 4th of July” instead of “Happy Independence Day” you’re a Canadian Go back to your own country you Hoser This seems like

Jon of All Trades Podcast

I did this podcast last week with Jon Ekstrom.  He’s a fantastic interviewer.  I really liked this interview.  He pulled some good personal stuff out of me.  I go off on a couple of rants. I really enjoyed doing this podcast. I think you guys will like this. It’s a great, casual conversation about sales, business norms, expectations, authenticity and more. Be sure to check out Jon’s other Podcasts as well.  He’s talented.  

How To Know If You’re Average

There is a sure-fire way to know if you’re average at what you do or if you’re great at what you do. Ask yourself this simple question. Would you do your job for double the pay if it were 100% commission ONLY based on performance? Would you? Would you be willing to work on a 100% commission plan knowing, if you fail, you don’t get paid? Most people aren’t willing to do it because it means

PROBLEM VS NEED – Why You Shouldn’t Sell to a Customer’s Need

We’ve been taught to sell to our clients’ needs. This lesson is one you need to toss out. It’s not effective and can hurt you.  I have a question? Are you selling to need? When you engage your clients, are you looking to find your clients need? We’ve been taught for years to find our customers needs and then sell to them. We have been taught to ask lots of questions, find their need then

The NEW Sales Leader – It’s about empowerment and enablement.

The days of telling sales people how to sell and how to do their jobs are over. Leaders, You need to spend less time telling your people what to do and more time helping them THINK about what they should do. It’s the 21st century, it’s time to stop telling and start enabling.  If you are counting the number of calls your salespeople make, if you are having weekly meetings to check on how

I Heard You, But I Can See You Too [Don’t Let Your Mouth Get Ahead of Your Actions]

  via GIPHY We all have the best intentions.  I have to believe that. It keeps me sane. However, in spite of our intentions, we have a tendency to say and believe things about ourselves that just aren’t true. We say we’re committed to our job, but we haven’t done anything to improve our ability to get better at it in years. We say we’re health conscious, but rarely work out and eat like shit