PROBLEM VS NEED – Why You Shouldn’t Sell to a Customer’s Need

We’ve been taught to sell to our clients’ needs. This lesson is one you need to toss out. It’s not effective and can hurt you. 

I have a question?

Are you selling to need?

When you engage your clients, are you looking to find your clients need?

We’ve been taught for years to find our customers needs and then sell to them. We have been taught to ask lots of questions, find their need then position your product to fit their need.

Sound familiar?

Is it how you sell?

Ok, good, now STOP.

You see, selling to a need is a handicap to sales people.  Selling to a need assumes the customer has a need and more importantly, knows they have a need. The problem with this assumption is most sales opportunities are found because the prospect didn’t know they had a need. They didn’t know they needed anything. They thought things were just fine.

Here’s what’s wrong.

There is no need without a problem.  Trying to find a need without finding the problem is like trying to fish without a pond.

NO pond, no fish.

No problem no need.

If you want to increase sales, if you want to improve your win/loss rate, if you want to crush quota, start looking for your customer’s problems. Sales are always where the problems are.