Do You Know What Your are Selling? [Video Post]

If you’re selling your product, STOP! It’s not what your customers want.

Do you know what you’re selling?

Let me give you a hint. It’s not the product your company makes and it’s not whatever services they offer.

You’re not selling some cool feature.

You’re not selling how inexpensive it is.

You’re not selling the convenience of your product.

You aren’t selling anything that comes from your company.


What you are selling could be improved customer service and reduced churn.

You might be selling more leads at a lower cost.

You might be selling a good time.

You might be selling the opportunity to get a better job.

You might be selling more time with grandma.

You might be selling piece of mind.


Customers don’t want your product. They want what your product delivers. If you’re selling your product, stop!  It’s not what your customers want. Start trying to figure out what your customers want.  Then you can show them how your product can get them there.

Their used to be a saying; “NO one wants a drill, they want a hole.” Fun little quote, but no one wants a hole either.  They want a new tree house for their kid’s birthday.  They want to finish a soapbox derby for their Cub Scout.  They want to start their own carpentry business. They want to start refinishing furniture.  Each one of these scenarios requires a different sales strategy.  You better know what you are selling, because without knowing, you aren’t gonna sell a thing.