How EGO Kills Your Sales Efforts

Ego is a silent killer of sales and marketing teams. Our incessant compunction to talk about ourselves, our products and our accolades is crushing our ability to connect with our prospects and deliver valuable customer-centric information. No one gives a shit about you or your company. Prospects and customers only care about their business and what you can do for them. I talked about this at the Flip My Funnel conference in Austin. I just listened

I Can’t Believe Someone Did That To Their Sales Manager

Being a sales manager has some interesting side challenges. One of them is the unpredictability of people. People do the craziest things when they aren’t happy or when things aren’t going their way. In this episode of The Real Deal of Sales, I asked sales managers to share the craziest moments they’ve experienced. You will NOT believe some of these stories. I was blown away by what they told me. I mean blown away that

Getting A Rush Out Of Your Job

I love my job. I was recently reminded of how much I love what I do a few weeks ago in Toronto where I was speaking for Uberflip, a fantastic content experience platform. Loving what you do is at the core of a badass life. We spend more time at our jobs than anything else. We might as well love it. And when we love something we’re good at it and when we’re good at it,

Sales Leaders Share Their Proudest Moments

The next installment of The Real Deal of Sales is out and again it’s fire. In this one, I ask sales leaders about their proudest moments. Sales leaders have an amazing impact, and if they are good can change people’s lives. So, I wanted to know, what their most proud moment was. The stories are fantastic. There are some good sales leaders out there. Check out the newest The Real Deal of Sales and see

Sales Advice For Sales People

The next episode of The Real Deal of Sales is out and as usual, it’s a good one. In this episode, I ask sales people what advice they would give other sales people.  I’m not disappointed when it comes to people helping others. Their advice was spot on. Don’t forget to check out my take and remember to subscribe. Watch: The Real Deal of Sales

The Most Difficult Part of Sales Leadership

  Yup, it’s that time again. A new Real Deal of Sales is up. In this episode we talk to Sales Leaders about the difficulties of being, well you guessed it, sales managers. The sales managers we talked to were huge people, people. They were motivated by helping others and making a difference in people’s lives. Go check it out and let me know what you think.  Also, please subscribe, it tells us you like

Sales Coaching and Leadership – Straight Keenan 3

  Back from my trip to Chicago. I had a blast and got to talk to a number of sales leaders for The Real Deal of Sales. Not only did I learn what many sales leaders are doing today, I did a kick ass sales podcast with Will Barron, I did a presentation with Steve Richard and I got to spend time with people I hadn’t spent time with in a while. Good times, it

The Most Awkward Sales Moments

  Every salesperson has them. You know, that awkward moment where you say something wrong, or the client does something crazy, or . . .   You can fill in the blank.  I remember my most awkward moment. It was my first sales job. I had been in the position for about a 4 months. I was just finishing up a great sales call and in an effort to cement the relationship, I asked the

Where Did the Keenan Red Plaid Come From?

  Straight Keenan 2 is up and in it, I go to Topo Summit 2017 in San Francisco, I kick off The Real Deal of Sales and I answer the burning question, where did the Keenan red plaid shirts (Yes there are more than 1) come from? Hint: You can thank Jill Konrath.