Sales Training Videos

Ok, they’re not exactly sales training videos, but they offer a shit load of value in helping you selling and grow your career. I’ve been posting sales videos to Linkedin over the past 3 months and they are pure fire, if I do say so myself. I cover topics ranging from motivation to question asking. I cover all types of challenges and issues sales people struggle with. I created a #hashtag so you can easily

Sales People Are The Extreme Athletes Of The Business World

I have nothing but love and respect for salespeople. You guys are the extreme athletes of the business world. Salespeople risk 50%, 60%, 70% and sometimes 100% of their salary in their job. You don’t get paid until you sell something. No one else takes that kind of risk in corporate America. I created this video to show you how much I love you and to celebrate the greatness that is salespeople. Enjoy it, and

My Interview on Personal Brand, With IBM Digital Sellers

I recently recorded an interview with Ben Martin (Program Manager IBM Digital Mastery) and Erik Taylor (Team Lead, IBM DST Sales Enablement),  for IBM’s Digital Sellers Guidebook. We actually recorded the interview a little over a month ago, but it was released just last week, so I got to listen to it again. It’s fricken good. I enjoyed this interview. Quick clip: Listen to the full episode here interview here: IBM Digital Seller Guidebook w/Keenan

The Hardest Part To Getting Better

You can’t go ten social media pages on any social platform without being barraged by #hustle #grind and #success posts or memes. It appears we’re obsessed with the path or secret to success. I get it. Success to most of us freedom and validation that we’re worthy of others praise and admiration. To others, success says they did it. They achieved their goals. The concept of success is a powerful lure, and we’re all chasing

How EGO Kills Your Sales Efforts

Ego is a silent killer of sales and marketing teams. Our incessant compunction to talk about ourselves, our products and our accolades is crushing our ability to connect with our prospects and deliver valuable customer-centric information. No one gives a shit about you or your company. Prospects and customers only care about their business and what you can do for them. I talked about this at the Flip My Funnel conference in Austin. I just listened

I Can’t Believe Someone Did That To Their Sales Manager

Being a sales manager has some interesting side challenges. One of them is the unpredictability of people. People do the craziest things when they aren’t happy or when things aren’t going their way. In this episode of The Real Deal of Sales, I asked sales managers to share the craziest moments they’ve experienced. You will NOT believe some of these stories. I was blown away by what they told me. I mean blown away that

Getting A Rush Out Of Your Job

I love my job. I was recently reminded of how much I love what I do a few weeks ago in Toronto where I was speaking for Uberflip, a fantastic content experience platform. Loving what you do is at the core of a badass life. We spend more time at our jobs than anything else. We might as well love it. And when we love something we’re good at it and when we’re good at it,