You Have an Effect

Are you surprised when someone says to you; “I never forgot when you told me to . .  . (fill in the blank). It’s stuck with me all these years.”  Or, “I am often reminded of that time you said . . . and it has stayed with me all these years.”

Are there times you recall a poignent piece of advice your boss, a friend or even just an acquaintance gave you? Are you reminded of a someone you haven’t seen or spoken to in years or even decades because of a something they said that impacted you?

I am. It happens to me a lot.

It happened to me the other day. So, I called the person.  It was nice to get caught up. I am amazed at how much I am and have been impacted by others.

Yesterday, a friend shared with me something I had said to her years before. She had never forgotten it. It is something she continues to remind herself to be aware of today.

I didn’t realize my words had such an effect on her. It didn’t occur to me that something I said could stick with someone for all these years. That my affect on people could be so long lasting. I don’t think the friend I called realized he had that level affect me either.

It’s easy forget or even believe we don’t have an affect on others. We don’t believe we are that profound. We underestimate our intelligence or perspective. Unfortunately, when we do this, we become less conscience of our behaviors. It creates a negative affect. We become less deliberate in our behaviors and actions.

Rich or poor, successful or still working on it, celebrated or unknown, outgoing or introverted, friend or enemy, by design or inadvertently it doesn’t matter; we affect those around us. It’s easy to believe or forget we don’t affect others. But, we do. Unfortunately, when we don’t embrace our affect the effect is not positive.

You have an affect, embrace it, share it and thank others for theirs.  We are all the better for it.