You Can Hide in Video, But You Can’t Get Lost (Why Video Hiring Rocks!)

We’re hiring at A Sales Guy. It’s been a VERY painful process. Finding good people is hard. A Sales Guy has a very unique culture in that we look for and embrace the gritty, cool, nerd who can SELL! And, when I say nerd, I mean nerd, not dork. There are way too many dorks in sales. We’re not interested in the dork or the douchebag. We’re looking for something special.  It’s hard for us to find people that have the tenacity of honey badger, the creativity of Madonna, the coolness of Jay-Z and the smarts of Steven Hawkins. What? Too high of a bar? Yup, we’re over achievers, or as we say ASG’ers.

With this said, we are very happy when we find that killer candidate who embodies exactly what we’re looking for and we found one of our new guys just the other day. Maxwell is awesome and we’re happy to bring him on.

How did Max get a job with ASG? He’s a badass and proved it with video. We ask all our candidates to do a quick video on why they are a #badass and why they’d be a good fit for A Sales Guy.

Here’s Max’s

The reason for my post today wasn’t to sing the praises about using video to find sales people. Ruth our marketing maven, did a good job of that on the A Sales Guy Recruiting blog. You should check it out.  I wanted to write about video job applications or interviews because I think they do something no other medium does. It keeps people from getting lost.

The biggest problem with traditional resumes and even interviews is the candidate can get lost. Their resume doesn’t say exactly what the employer is looking for and “poof” it’s in the trash. During an interview, someone gets nervous, the interviewer asks crappy questions or personalities don’t match and the true candidate gets lost as well.

But when video is involved, the candidate can’t get lost. They are in complete control. They get to decide everything. How to do it, to add music or not, to tell a story or not, to wear a suit or not, to do it inside or out, they have complete editorial control and when this happens “the you” can’t get lost. It’s a controlled setting that gives you limitless opportunities to sell yourself and deliver a message that truly tells your story.

Although you can’t get lost in video, you can hide. You can choose not to be creative, you can choose to be like everyone else. You can choose to be boring, you can choose to not let your personality shine through, you can choose to play not to lose as opposed to win. You can choose to be quick about it and just say the first thing that comes to mind. You can look at it like a task that needs to be check off. You can choose to do any of those things and by doing so, you’re choosing to hide. And that’s OK, because it’s your choice, not the interviewers, not the hiring managers. Unlike traditional interview and hiring mediums you weren’t lost, you just hid and that was your choice.

Video is an awesome medium for hiring and it’s only getting better.  A kick ass new company called Hirevue is taking it to the next level. I love what they are doing.

We’re psyched to have Maxwell on the team. He earned it, and more importantly he didn’t hide.

Don’t HIDE!!!