Yes, You are Good. But, are You Good at the Right Things?

Yes, you are good, but what are you good at and does it matter?

What does it take to the best at what you do? What does it take to the be the top sales person in your company, in your industry?

Have you taken an inventory of what it takes to be the best at selling what you sell? Do you know what skills, knowledge, traits, and approaches are the best for success in your space?

How good are you at those things? Do you have the knowledge necessary to be the best? Can you execute the approaches required to be the best? Do you possess the traits the best have?

It’s good to be good. But, you have to be good at the right things and that starts with knowing what they are.

Don’t go into 2013 good, go into 2013 being good at the right things. ┬áIt makes all the difference.