Work the Canvas

Sales is pretty simple. It’s about creating revenue. How the revenue is created isn’t so simple. Like an artist you have to work the canvas.


Good sales people see things others don’t. They work the canvas, adding the right elements to the right places. Like an artist each line and stroke works on top of the last. Colors blend, shadows embellish and depth field are manipulated to create the work.

Like an artist, sales is about seeing how the different elements come together. It’s about seeing the subtleties. It’s the simple connection, between customer and product. It’s seeing the emotional components, the motivational influences and the subtle reactions to new information.


In sales like art, you create a picture, it’s how you draw the picture that determines how well you work the canvas.

How do your work the canvas? It’s all about the subtleties you see.

What do you draw; stick figures or Monet’s?