Women Need To Stop Trying To Balance Work And Home Life

For years, the idea of work-life balance has been the buzzword of the workforce, particularly for women.  It’s based on the idea that women need to figure out how to take care of their professional life and their home life.  They had to get the big presentation done, meet with clients, deliver the quarterly report AND chaperone the kids field trip, make dinner, clean the house, go on date night with their husband and more.  It seemed daunting and, therefore “work-life balance” became the motto women used to get control of their careening lives.

Teresa Taylor author of The Balance Myth has a different outlook. She argues work-life balance is a myth and she does a wonderful job of describing why in this video.

If you’re a woman battling the challenges of family and career, you’ll find this video emancipating.  Teresa tells a wonderful, yet emotional story about how she discovered that work-life balance was a myth and what she decided to do about it.

Teresa is going to be tackling the challenges and benefits of being a women in sales on The Word: A Jolt of Sales 411 w/Keenan this week. If you found her Ted Talk to be good, you’re not going to want to miss this live Google Hangout and Twitter chat.

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