If you look to the right in my 411 section you’ll see something has changed.   It now reads Level 2 PSIA Certified Ski Instructor.  I spent more than 24 hours over the past 3 days taking my Level 2 PSIA Certification exam.   Each day covers a different part of the teaching process.

Day 1 is MA (movement analysis).  We have to break down a skiers skiing and explain to the examiners what the skis are doing, what the body is doing and why. We then have to provide a prescription for change.

Day 2, is the teaching exam.  We watch a video of a guest talking about what they want to get out of their skiing and why.  We then have to create a lesson based on that video and then give the lesson to the examiners, explaining how that lesson will address their skiing and how it will help them achieve their goals as a skier.

Day 3 is the skiing day.  Each candidate has to ski 6 unique manuevers to a precise technical specification in front of an examiner.  Once all 3 days have been passed you’ve earned the Level 2 certification.

It felt good to pass.  It wasn’t easy.  A number of very good skiers didn’t pass all three days and have to return next year and retake the day or days they failed.   I was pretty proud of myself and it reminded me of how important “WINS’ are.

When we were kids, “win” opportunities were everywhere.  When we made the football team, or the field hockey team it was a win.  When we made honor roll, or got an A on a difficult exam, it was a win.  When the hot girl or guy would go out with us, it was a win.  When we were accepted to our college of choice, it was a win.   When we graduated from H.S. or college or grad school, it was a win.  There were so many opportunities for wins when we were younger.

As we get older, wins seem harder to come by.  They come in the form of a promotion, or a new job offer, but that seems to be about it.  If you’re in sales, there are a few more.  Exceeding quota and making Presidents Club are always nice wins.  But, the feeling of accomplishment seems to be elusive as we get older and I think that is too bad.

We need more wins.  Wins build self confidence.  Wins grow self worth.  Wins make us feel capable.  Wins expand our capabilities, as we succeed at something small, we then look to the next thing.  This process naturally expands our capabilities, and successes.  I’m already thinking about going for my level 3 certification.  (there are only 3 levels)

I think we should all be more active in looking for wins.  We should all look for more ways to achieve things that stretch us, that make us better, that expand our knowledge, that improve our expertise and help us grow.  Wins make us feel good about ourselves and that’s a good thing.

When was your last win?