Wins Matter

Wins are contagious. They create confidence. When we connect with a prospect that has been difficult to connect with we become motivated to make more calls.  When we achieve our goals, we become more confident in what we are capable.  Win’s pull us forward, acting as confidence builders.  Wins happen when we complete things.  They are the result of hard work, commitment and drive. The bigger the win, the greater the confidence boost.  Win’s can’t happen with out commitment or effort or hard work. Success without a win is a gift or a handout and that does nothing for confidence.

Wins build on themselves.  Each win illuminates skills, talents and capabilities.  Each win challenges us to another, a little bigger, a little better.  Wins are contagious. They are at the core of growth.

Wins are hard to come by. They aren’t easy. If given they are no longer wins but gifts.  It’s easy to avoid getting wins. It’s easy to stay where you are.  But, without wins confidence is lost. There is nothing to show us where we are good. We are left with conjecture. With out wins our worth becomes made up, created in thought not action.  This worth is thin and cracks under pressure.  Forcing us to recreate with a little less value, a little less confidence.  Without wins we go backward constantly looking for the bottom.

Wins matter.  Get a win everyday. Demonstrate your capabilities to yourself and those around you everyday with wins. You’ll be amazed at how much you’ll accomplish and how much bigger the wins will become.

Be a win maker!