Why High Performance Sales Teams Are a Myth

This past week I had the absolute pleasure of hangin’ with two true sales badasses, Mike Wienberg author of New Sales Simplified and Kelly Riggs author of Quit Whining and Start Selling. These guys know selling and how to build world class sales organizations. So it was a blast spending 45 minutes freestylin’ on why sales teams aren’t performing and what it takes to get them there.

Anyone in sales knows how hard it is to build and maintain a highly functioning team so, breaking it down with them and sharing notes made for a great 45 minutes.

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As you would expect, many of the common issues plaguing sales teams came up, but so did some that I think will surprise you including, fear, bureaucracy and, believe it or not, the pressure to grow.  This was a great conversation. Mike and Kelly offered some straight-up truth bombs and some killer insight.

As I said in during the podcast, I high performing sales teams are a myth. I don’t believe a high performing sales team is a destination or something that can be achieved, but rather a constant journey or commitment. Too many factors change too frequently to ever reach the nirvana of a truly high performing team. Sales people quit, products change, competitors drop their pants on price, the industry shifts, etc., for there to be a destination called a high-performance sales team.  However, constantly pursuing a high-performance team gets you pretty damn close a lot more often and this session of Biz Lockeroom Radio does a great job breaking down what companies and sales leaders need to do to successfully kill it in the pursuit of a high-performing sales team.

Enjoy and if you’re not already be sure to follow Mike and Kelly on Twitter, they’ve always got good stuff to share.