Why Fight It?

We like to fight new things.  We are stubborn at times, but why?

Less than 60% of the sales people I meet use Twitter, Facebook, Blog, RSS, or Social Media in general.  The’ve never heard the term Sales 2.0.   A majority of those sales people not only don’t use these tools, but will vehemently argue why they shouldn’t.

Growth comes from openness.  Success comes from growth.   If success comes from growth, then why do so many sales people fight something new?

I recently spent sometime with a sales guy who was passionately against web 2.0, sales 2.0 and social media.  He aggressively argued why he wanted nothing to do with it and that it had no value.  His position was so steadfast, that if the web could have made a difference in is career or life, he’d never see it.  He would be too busy explaining why it couldn’t.

When we fight things we close ourselves off to the possibilities.   Not adopting the newest fad is prudent.  Not being open to the newest fad is just silly.

Why fight it?  Fighting new things doesn’t keep them from being real.  It just keeps them from being real for you and that’s not always a good thing.

Embrace it.  Embrace new things, if they don’t work chuck em.   There is nothing wrong with chucking something that didn’t work.  There is everything wrong with fighting something you know nothing about.

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