Why Did You Buy That?

We buy the house with the big open family room because it’s perfect for entertaining. Yet, we “entertain” maybe twice a year. We buy the SUV because its seats 7, is four wheel drive and is great for hauling stuff. Yet, we live in FL, where it doesn’t snow, we only have 2 kids and “haul” stuff almost never. We buy the new flat screen T.V. with the UBS port because we can view our digital photo’s on it. Yet, we still print out our photo’s at Walmart. We by a smartphone because we want to stay connected, yet never set up email. More often than not we buy stuff based on who we want to be, not who we are. We vision buy.

We buy on the pleasant vision of entertaining a house full of family and friends and how wonderful that feels. We buy on the vision of family and friends sitting around the T.V. looking at pictures of little Sally’s dance recital. We buy on the vision of packing up the SUV for a vacation or playing soccer mom to all the neighborhood kids. The problem is the vision is usually not very close to reality.

People buy on idealism. We buy based on who we want to be, not who we are. We buy on how we want things to be not how they are.

How are you selling to people? Are you selling to their vision or their reality? Don’t assume they are the same.

Fantasy can be reality in our minds.