Who’s Your Nemesis?

Michaela Shiffrin won gold in the slalom in Sochi today. Michaela is only 18 and is the best slalom skier in the world. Yes, I said the best in the world at only 18. That’s just sick!

On the back of this prodigy’s helmet is a small acronym, “a.b.f.t.t.b.”

Always be faster than the boys

As a father of 3 girls I get the significance of this slogan. Boys traditionally go faster, are more aggressive and take more risks. So, if you’re a girl, and you want to be the best in the world, create a nemesis bigger than your competition. Find something bigger, better, faster, and more difficult to beat, to compete with — the boys.

Sales is competitive. It’s a win or lose game. Motivation is a critical part of success. A nemesis raises the bar. It’s another target, another pull to drive you forward.

A good nemesis is respected. They are better than you. Their is natural tension. Their success gets under your skin and drives you more. A good nemesis makes you feel like the underdog and pushes you to be better than they are.

Nemesis’s are great if you have one. You have to be confident to find a nemesis. You have to have courage to have a nemesis. You have to want to win to have a nemesis. A nemesis will never let you get comfortable or settle. Finding a nemesis changes the game. Ask Mikaela and her freshly minted new gold medal. “abfttb”

Who’s ¬†your nemesis?



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