Where are the Sales Learners?

I teach skiing at Vail. Most of you know that. I teach private lessons. The price of a 1 day private lesson with me or any other ski instructor is $745.00.

I regularly get individuals, families and groups who book me because they want to get better at skiing. They all have something they want to improve. They want to be better skiers and they spend a lot of money to get better.

Recently, I met a medical device sales person. She asked what I did and I told her. I let her know she could read my blog. A few weeks later I bumped into her and she told me she had read my blog and was surprised. She told me she didn’t expect to learn anything. She had been selling for years and was like, “What is this guys blog gonna teach me?”

I hear this a lot. It’s not uncommon for profesional sales people to claim and act as if they’ve got it nailed. Why not, right? They’ve been selling for years, they make their quota, they’re making some good coin. They’ve got it nailed.

Nobody has it nailed.

What aren’t you good at in sales? Where are you weak? What part of the selling motion gives you the most problems? What most often gets in your way of making quota? What’s the one thing you could fix about your selling that would increase your sales the most?

How often do you ask these questions? (Hint: It should be all the time!)

How often do you work on getting better? What investments of time and money do you make to be a better sales person? If you are like most sales people, it’s not that much, and that is bullshit!

You should invest in yourself more than skiers.  A good skier never closed a 1 million dollar deal skiing.

Where are the sales learners? Are you one?

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