When Selling, Don’t Talk About Your Product

I have a new mantra;

The best sales people can make the sale

without almost ever having to talk about

their product

When we are talking about our product, we’re NOT talking about the customers business. (There is one exception, I’ll get to that in a minute) When we’re talking about our product we’re focused on our need and not our customers. The best sales people sell by focusing on the customers; issues, challenges, needs, motivations, drivers, business metrics processes and more.

The best sales people can have a long conversation without ever talking about their product and by the end have the prospect wanting what they sell. The key to selling is to lead prospects to the sale through their own perspective, their own view of the world.

How long are your conversations before you start talking about your product? Can you sell without talking about your product.

The only time it’s OK to talk about your product is when the prospect is so ready to buy what you have to sell, they say; “OK, what do you have that can address everything we’ve been talking about.”

Once the client realizes you know enough to help them and they start asking you to talk about your product, then talking about your product is OK. Until then, don’t!