What’s the Hardest Part of Sales?

Sales isn’t easy. It if were, trust me, everyone would be doing it. It amazes me how so many non sales people in an organization think sales is some sort of lottery ticket, where sales people sit around making mounds of money they didn’t deserve. BTW: I always welcome those people to put 1/2 their salary on the line and join the ranks of sales. ┬áSurprising, not many folks take me up on that offer.

Hmm? I just don’t get it.

For those of us in the know, sales is hard. It takes grit, and determination. It takes an amazing aptitude for solving problems. It requires out of the box creativity. Selling is no joke and it’s hard.

With that said, what makes selling difficult or hard varies from sales person to sales person. So, I’m curious. What’s the hardest part of selling or sales to you?

Let’s see if we can get a good conversation going in the comments and find out what it is that sales people find most difficult about sales.

What say ye?