What Would You Do? They Won’t Make a Decision

What Would You Do Wednesdays have a been a huge hit. The comments solving some tough sales situations have been phenomenal. They are must reads for sales people.  This community has some impressive sales accumen.   Let’s see if we can keep it going.

This week we’re going to address the prospect that won’t make up its mind.

Genstream has been evaluating your solution for almost 10 months.  They’ve said they don’t need anything else. They’ve told you it is your solution they are going with.  The decision process is over.  You won.  But for whatever reason they won’t sign the deal.

You call your buyer regularly. He tells you things are OK, that they are looking to sign the deal this quarter but . . .  They’ve been telling you this same thing over and over the past 5 months and the “buts” keeps changing. They don’t say they’ve changed their minds or want to go a different direction. They just aren’t signing the deal.

You’ve shown Genstream the cost of not making a decision. It’s fifty seven thousand dollars a month.  Genstream is a two hundred million dollar company. Fifty seven thousand dollars, in the big picture, is not a lot of money.  For this group it is.  Fifty seven thousand is just the hard dollar cost. There are also tremendous productivity losses. It takes the team an extra 4 hours a person to complete the current process.

You make calls at least once a month checking in. You rarely get a call back.  When you do connect it’s the same old song and dance. They say; “It’s coming.” But it never does. This is getting old and you are wasting time you could be putting into other accounts. You HAVE to find a way to get them to commit, one way or the other.

What would you do in this situation?  How would you get them to commit?  (leave you answer in the comments)

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