What Would You Do? I Can’t Get Past the Gatekeeper!

Last weeks, What Would You Do, was a great success.  The answers to the question, “How to get a client to call you back,” were killer. I’m not surprised. You can see them here.

Let’s see if we can keep it going.

This week I thought we’d take on the challenge of getting past the gatekeeper.

Apphase a machine manufacturer is perfect for your new application.  You just read they are struggling and your application can address their issues. Your product is in a smaller competitor of their’s and it’s proving to be extremely successful. You’ve done your research and have identified the CIO.  You put a call into her but got Debra, her administrative assistant. She asks the nature of your call and says she will give Ann (the CIO) the message. A week goes by and no return. You call back and Debra answers the phone. She, again says she will deliver the message.  Another week passes and you call again. As expected Debra answers the phone.  You ask her if rather than taking a message if she would schedule 10 minutes with the CIO. Debra says no, that Ann will need to approve a meeting.  You call back again a week later and as usual Debra answers the phone and says Ann is not interested and thanks you for calling.

You know Ann could absolutely benefit from your application. You’ve done your research and know you would not be wasting her time.  But Debra is not letting you get through.  Deb has put up a big wall. You need to figure out how to get over it and moving on is not an option.

What would you do in this situation? How do you get past the gatekeeper? (leave answers in the comments)

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