What Would You Ask For?

If your best customer came to you and said you could ask for 3 things, any three things except for the sale and they would give them to you, what would you ask for? What would you ask for that you haven’t already asked for?

How would those 3 questions change the sales process for you? How much closer to the sale would you get? What would they do for your quota? How much better positioned against the competition would you be? How would it impact product development?

I bet it would change the game!

What would happen if all your customers gave you permission to ask for any 3 things? What would happen then? How would that change your sales world? Would you have more business than you would know what to do with?

Wouldn’t it be great if this really happened?

If you pictured your sales world being different, complete with more sales, more revenue, and greater success by asking these questions ask yourself why haven’t asked them already.

You don’t need your customers permission.

It makes us feel good to get our customers permission. It reinforces we are headed in the right direction. It doesn’t necessarily however get us closer to the sale. You don’t need permission to ask. Pretend every customer you have has given you permission to ask for anything you want and ask for it.

Don’t wait for your customer to give you permission. Ask for what you want. They will not always respond with what you want, but you will be a lot closer to success then if you are waiting for permission.

What would you ask for if your customers said you could ask for 3 things and they’d give them to you?

Go ask them, it will change the game!