What We Don’t Like About What We Like

Why is it the very best sales people can sell their product or solution to someone who ALREADY has what they are selling? Why is it some sales people are able to get others to buy what they already have and others can’t? It’s happened to me. I’ve had sales people sell me something I already had. It was amazing, before I knew it I had two of the same thing.

The sales people capable of this aren’t cheats or charlatans.  They aren’t manipulating their customers? They know something other sales people don’t.

The majority of sales people who can do this have a secret. They understand something unique about people.  The sales person who can sell a product or service to someone who already has it understands something very special. What they understand is there is always something we don’t like about what we like. They understand nothing is perfect. They understand there is ALWAYS something we would prefer was different about what we already have.

Armed with this knowledge, the best sales people set out to uncover what it is their customers don’t like about what they like. Once identified the sales person uses this powerful information and zeros in on solving the problem. By targeting what we don’t like about what we like, the sales person is able to provide a solution that improves the customers experience. We don’t buy what we already have, we buy what we  don’t have, what we need. Sometimes that’s an entire new product, other times it’s a better version of what we already have. Great sales people know this and know how to hone in on what we don’t like to get the conversation started.

Just because they like it, doesn’t mean their isn’t something the don’t like. The next time a prospect tells you they already have what you sell, find out what they don’t like about it. The sale starts then.