What Was Once Risk

When things are going well and flying high, we tend to take more risk. We think we are invincible. In the moment it doesn’t feel like risk. Labeled optimism, and capitalism we jump. We jump into areas we know little about. We get creative in working the system in our favor. We push the envelope; fearful we are going to miss the boat.

When things are bad, we take less risk. We cut back. We delay investment. We hoard cash. We loose optimism. We become conservative. We become naysayers. We loose creativity. When things are bad, we freeze.

The problem is when things are bad; it is exactly the time to take risk. Taking risk, being creative, stepping out of your comfort zone is exactly how you turn things around. When things are bad, status quo will not get you out. When things are bad, look at the problem differently, challenge conventional wisdom, and ask the question why. Listen to the intern, who knows nothing about your business. Look to other industries. Watch your competitors. Engage your customers and offer them something different. Re-evaluate that crazy project you put on hold. What was once considered risk, just maybe your ticket out.