What True Creativity Looks Like


This is the most CREATIVE wedding photo EVER!

Think about what frame of mind the photographer Quinn Miller had to be operating from to stage this picture. Think about how he looks at weddings and how he sees the experience. Quinn looks at wedding photography completely different than everyone else and he is winning because of it.

Is it daring? You bet your ass.

Could the wedding party have not liked it? No doubt.

Is it safe? Nope!

Was it predictable? Not even close, no one saw that coming.

Is it different? Yup!

Can it be easily be forgotten, not in a million years (65 million years to be exact :)).

Does it differentiate this photographer from every other photographer on the planet?  Hell ya!

Does it get people talking? I dunno? If you think an entire piece on Huffington Post, mentions on the Today Show and it going viral on Reddit calling it the “best wedding photo ever!”, talking, then I’d say yes, it does.

Will it get him more clients? Do I really need to answer that question?

I talk about the importance of creativity A LOT. To me, there is nothing more valuable than creativity to winning in sales, marketing and business in general. Unfortunately, most companies, sales people and sales leaders lack creativity OR are just plain scared of it for the first set of reasons listed above; it’s not safe, people may not like it, it could upset people, it’s not predictable, it’s daring and it’s different. Being creative is playing to win, not playing not to lose and most sales people and companies are afraid to be or don’t know how to be creative.

Innovation is creativity. To me they are synonymous. You want to be innovative, you have to be creative. You want to win, you need to be as creative as Quinn Miller. His creativity has just made him one of the most popular wedding photographers in the country, if not the world. He’s huge now, not because he has a better camera, not because he has more “experience,” not because he’s done more weddings, not because he knows people and has done celebrity weddings, but because he’s different. He’s different because he was able to make someone’s wedding even better by being creative, by doing something NO ONE ELSE had the creativity to do.

Creativity isn’t a buzz word or a some ideology that floats around the office. It’s an action that take courage, commitment and a willingness to look at things differently.

Creativity wins in sales, ask Quinn Miller.