What Motivates You?

Sales is a grind. It will get to the best of the best. The best however, have a secret motivation that keeps them going.

What keeps you going? What get’s you excited? What drives you? What pushes you to stay at the top of your game? What get’s you over the no’s? What moves you past the product failures, or implementation mishaps? What makes you want to work till midnight in order to close the deal? What is it that pushes you to spend hours researching alternative solutions? What motivates you?

For me it’s the problem. I see every sales opportunity as something to fix. I see someone who isn’t happy with their current situation. They’re not as competitive as they would like to be. They are spending more money than they want to. Their people are burning countless hours on unnecessary tasks. They want more of something, less of something or they want something and they just don’t know what it is. To me, every sale is a problem looking to be fixed. Fixing problems is what I do. I was the kid who loved the corny logic riddles that were so popular. I dig the creativity required to solve problems. I thrive on the fix!

Great sales people are motivated by something unique. They are driven by something that comes from inside. That something is the core to their success and they know it.

What motivates you?