What Has Been Lost?

After further reflection upon my previous post Congratulations Mr. President I’m struggling. What have the detractors lost with Obama being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize? What do they gain by so vehemently bashing the decision? What do they get by taking such a negative position surrounding, what is traditionally a positive event. What is the threat? Why the anger?

I’m thinking this is what the book I just finished reading (Mistakes Were Made But Not By Me) would call cognitive dissonance.

I think all this comes down to self-preservation. For those who are opposed to Obama and his policies, any event that puts him in a good light threatens their position that he is no good for the country and must be removed. Any evidence suggesting Obama might be good for the country implies their opinion or position may be wrong. Any insinuation their opinion or position may be wrong is completely unacceptable to their view of self. Therefore, they HAVE to denounce it as vehemently and decisively as possible.

The sad part is this award does little to hurt the opposition or his detractors. It doesn’t make the Republicans less right on health care or taxes or immigration. It doesn’t make Obama the right choice either. It just makes him the Nobel Peace Prize award recipient of 2009.

I don’t think Obama’s detractors lost anything with the award being awarded to him. They lost when they so bitterly challenged the decision. What is gained with this behavior? I’m not sure too much of anything?

What do you think?