What Do You See?

Bryce Roberts of VC firm OATV posted about this video the other day. He wasn’t posting about the Egyptian protests but how it was all being captured. It’s a great post you should read it.

This is the part of the post I like best:

The video above is less than a minute long. Please take a moment to watch it.

I’ll wait.

Did you see it? Sure there is much to the revolution unfolding in Egypt, but that’s not the revolution I’m highlighting here.

In the video you’ll notice the events of the day are not getting captured by film crews and news reporters. They’re being documented by people with their mobile phones. Take another look at the video and count the number of illuminated mobile phone screens you see being raised overhead to capture pictures and video as the scenes in the streets unfolds.

Bryce is sharing is vision with us.  He’s highlighting what he sees in this video and it’s pretty impressive.  Bryce has amazing awareness.  While most people see what’s happening, (the protest) Bryce sees something else, he sees how things are being captured. He sees a shift in cultural communication and engagement. Bryce sees the change in the change.

Seeing what others don’t see is a skill. It’s probably what makes Bryce a good VC.

I think the best sales people have this skill too. They see parts of the sale no one sees. They recognize buying signals that are missed by everyone else. They see needs and problems even the customer missed. Really good sales people see the sale in the sale. They see the things few can.

What do you see?