What Do You Do With Negative Feedback?

Let me be clear, there is a difference between negative feedback and constructive feedback that highlights a weakness, or something you could improve.

I’m a huge fan of constructive feedback. Actually, I seek it out. I want as much feedback in the areas I can improve as I can get. It’s the only way to get better.

Negative feedback, on the other hand, is just that it’s negative. Negative feedback isn’t constructive, it’s driven by negative intentions. Negative feedback isn’t intended to help the recipient to get better or improve, but rather to tear them down, that’s why it’s negative.

When it comes to negative feedback, I have no time for it. Whether it’s a troll on the Internet, sharing their dime store opinion or someone in real life, if their feedback is negative, driven by some ulterior motive to tear me, my content, or my ideas down, I pay it no mind and neither, should you.

The folks over at Vennage asked me and 56 other speakers from the Hubspot Inbound conference what we do with negative feedback. My answer is number 46.



Don’t give negative feedback a second look. Negative feedback is all about the person delivering it and has nothing to do with you.

There is only productive positive feedback, no matter how uncomfortable it makes us feel. Negative feedback isn’t feedback, it’s an attack driven by self-motivated, selfish behavior, and no one needs that crap in their life.

Ignore negative feedback, ’cause that’s all it is — negative.

I’m curious what this community thinks, how do you deal with negative feedback?