What Do They Really Want?

How would you describe improved customer service? How do you define a Sr. Sales professional. How would you describe an easy to use User Interface? Your definition is most likely to be very different from others. When a customer says; “The product has to be easy to implement.” What exactly are they saying? Odds are your definition is different than your customers or clients.

One of the problems of sales, leadership and communication in general is we are terrible at defining and understanding exactly what we mean and what our customers want. When a customer says they need to improve customer service, what EXACTLY are they saying? How do they define customer service improvement? How will they measure the improvement? How will they know things have improved and they have achieved their vision? As a sales person it is critical to know what the customer really wants; what they are really thinking.

To get to the core of what your customer really wants, ask questions. Ask for clarity. Ask for the measurement stick. Ask for the vision. Ask for their definitions.

To win, you have to deliver. To deliver you have know what people and your customers want. To know what they want, you have to ask.

It’s hard to believe but sometimes we don’t always see things the same way.

Knowing this, ask the questions to learn what your customers really want, because it’s not always as clear as we think.