What Do Sales People Think?

There always seems to be pundits espousing their opinions and findings about the state of sales. There is always someone pontificating about the death of cold calling, the health or lack of health of the economy, the importance of social selling and the need for more of this or less of that. It’s what they do. Everyone has an opinion. Shit, I guess to some degree, I’m part of the “they.” So me and this blog included.

But what about you, the sales person?

We are one month into the into the second half of the year.  I’m sure most of you have started doing the math and know how likely it is your are going to make quota. You’ve put the first half behind you and are happy with the results or are hoping the second half of the year plays out better. You know what worked and what didn’t. You know what is happening out there and what you need to do to make your number.

All this made me realize we need to hear from you. We need to know what you think? Therefore, I thought it would be good to give you guys the “mic.” It’s been a while since we’ve had a good community discussion on this blog.

Forget the pundits and the pontificators. Forget Bernake and the politicians. What’s really going on out there? What’s really happening in the world of sales?

It’s time to hear from the trenches. It’s time to hear from you, the sales people and sales leaders who do it everyday.

What say you?

What is going on in sales today? Are you going to make your number? Is it getting harder or easier? What’s the state of your customers and clients?  How is the economy affecting the sale? What tools are you using? What tools have you stopped using? How would you describe today’s selling environment, etc.?

I’d love to get your thoughts. There are no rules. Just speak your mind. What is going on in sales?

The comments section is now open. 🙂