What Do Count On?

Sales, more than any other profession, has built in motivators. It’s goals and objectives are clear. Compensation is directly tied to performance. It’s almost impossible to get “lost” in a sales environment. Understanding this, it always surprises me when sales organizations micro manage and get in the way of the sales people.

Sales can count on one of two things.  The rules and regulations OR the people.  Some organizations focus on the rules.  Process, rules, and enforcement is the focus.  It’s not about the people.

Other organizations focus on the people.  They understand sales is inherently motivating.  The recognize rules and process should be enablers. Most effort is spent finding and developing people.

Sales organizations count on one of two things; process or people.  Each one has it’s own path. Each one creates a very different experience and a very different sales organization.

Which one do you count on?

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