What are Your Biggest Sales Challenges?

One of the readers of this blog sent me a note letting me know the topic of yesterdays What Would You Do Wednesdays was timely. She was having a hard time getting a prospect to close the deal.  I hope she got some help from the comments, because they were good.

Your comments in the first three posts of this series have been unbelievable.  The advice has been professional, creative, and varying.  It’s my favorite day of the week. I love reading them.

This got me thinking. I’m sure there are hundreds of challenges sales people face everyday this community could solve. It would be an awesome thing if many of them were solved on this blog.  I have a vision this series is directly credited with readers closing more deals, exceeding quota and landing more customers.  It would be killer to get a comment from someone who said they closed a stuck deal, landed a big fish, exceeded quota etc. from reading the advice given by this community.

If we’re going to achieve this vision I have to write about the problems you’re facing today. I need you to tell me what your biggest sales challenges are. Where do you struggle most in getting deals done and making quota? What problems are you having today? Share your challenges in the comments and I will make them part of What Would You Do Wednesdays.

I’m excited to see what challenges you are having and how this community suggests you solve them.  Don’t be shy. I’m sure others are having the same challenges.

We’ve got some numbers to make.


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