What a Music Teacher, Baseball, the Internet and a Video Game Can Teach Sales People

Brian Kingry is a music teacher. He won a million dollars playing a video game. Major Leauge Baseball 2k11 had a contest that paid 1 Million dollars to the first person who could pitch a perfect game.  Brian knew very little about baseball, yet he still pitched the first perfect game.


Brians approach to winning this contest mirrors the behaviors of the best sales people.

1 Million dollar contest recognized = Opportunity Identified

“Learn the Game” How is the game played? = Understand the selling environment and the customers buying criteria. (How is the sale going to be played?)

Research the game, player stats = research the customer, company stats

Figure out the best pitcher to use and the most advantageous team match up identified =  identify the most optimal sales attack strategy

“Research, practice, eat, sleep,  repeat” = tenacious drive to get to the right people, to get the resources needed, to move the sale forward

“First game was instant loss, Second game got to the 6th inning Bill Hall hits it out of the park, if someone is going to hit the ball it’s going to be him” = Acceptance of failure and setbacks, tenacity to keep trying, and commitment to overcoming objections and roadblocks.

“The 3rd game, you just have to focus.” = commitment to zeroing in on the sale and what it’s going to take to close, blocking out all the noise.

“8th inning, Bill Hall comes up to the plate. I had to figure out where Hall’s weak spot was.” = Identifying exactly what it is the prospect is looking for in order to buy, identifying what influences his or her decision process, and determining what it will take to get the customer to say yes.

“A perfect game, what a performance” = Deal closed, deal won!!!

1 million dollar check being handed to Brian = Fat commission check!

Watch the video, Bill can school us all. Do you see any lessons I missed?



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