We’re Welcoming Virgin America to Denver RIGHT NOW #rockymountainfly



Boy did we mess up!!  There was no 7:00 flight today, from Denver to San Fran.  We’re not sure how we messed up.  We saw the flights and even priced out a first class ticket!  


OK, time to pivot. 

Stay tuned!!!

We’ll let you know what we come up with. 

OK! Here’s the deal. I dig Richard Branson. I love the guys gumption, innovation, brass, and overall approach to people, failure, creativity, and busting the status quo. I’m not big on “idols,” but Branson is definitely someone I respect and admire. So, when Virgin America announced they were coming to Denver with a direct route to San Francisco, I was pumped.  I’m a United bitch. I fly over 100k miles with them every year. I’ve racked up close to a million frequent flier miles, but I am absolutely going to use Virgin America when it comes to my trips to San Francisco.

So to celebrate their arrival and be different, I and my A Sales Guy team are doing a little guerrilla marketing campaign to welcome Virgin America to Denver.

As your reading this right now, we are sitting at the Virgin America Gate at Denver International Airport getting ready to celebrate Virgin Americas arrival to Denver.

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How are we celebrating?

To celebrate and show our excitement, we’re going big.

  • Giving out free Redbull and Coffee
  • We’re giving every passenger on the flight a copy of Not Taught. That’s right all 186 passengers are getting a free copy of Not Taught.
  • We’re giving away free t-shirts to passengers who share why they love Virgin America and why they are happy Virgin America has come to Denver.
  • We’re giving away a special RED TICKET, a $500 gift card to one lucky winner to use to upgrade to 1st class or whatever they want to use it for.
    • It’s tucked away in one lucky book
  • We’ve got a lifesize cut out of Richard Branson
  • We’ll be Periscoping, Tweeting, SnapChatting, and Instagramming the entire event at #itaughtavirgin and #rockymountainfly
  • It’s gonna be a blast


If you’re reading this and it’s 6:00 MST where you are, follow the #hashtags and watch us welcome Virgin America to Denver in full force. It’s gonna be sick!!