We Need More of You

Be you!

We need more you.

Stop trying to fit in. Stop measuring yourself against outside forces.

Compare and despair

Don’t look for permission from others. Do what you feel is best.

Have the courage to express your convictions.

We need more of you.

We don’t need more people agreeing. We don’t need validation of the known. We need more identification of the unknown.

We don’t need more blue suits. (We need more plaid shirts. ) 😉

We don’t need more yes men and yes women.

We need more you.

We need you to speak up.

We need you to tell us what you think. Not what you’ve been told.

We need more different, and less the same.

Yes, different makes us uncomfortable. But the more comfortable we get being uncomfortable, the more ideas, creativity, and new flourish.

We ask for permission too often. We rarely notice it, but it’s there. When we wonder if our outfit looks good, we’re asking permission. When we wonder if we should question that new idea, we’re asking permission. When we wonder if the car we drive is cool enough, we’re asking permission. When we wonder if we should speak up, we’re looking for permission.

Asking permission is our way of gaining acceptance and fitting in. The more we are validated, the more we feel good about ourselves. But what if we didn’t need permission?

What if we just gave more of ourselves and asked for permission, less? What if?

We need more you.  Let’s try it out and see what happens.

Do more you!