[Video] How Sales People and Sales Leaders Do A Killer Demo


 “Selling is not just show up and throw up!” 

Mark Roberge


Demos are increasingly becoming the path to making the sale, and if you mess up the demo, it sabotages the sale.  Unfortunately, too many salespeople and therefore sales organizations do crappy demos.  I see this as the fastest growing sales problem today.

So, with that said, I wanted to get someone who knows how to do killer demos to school us all on how to a demo that works and helps the sale, not hurt it. Mark Roberge is that guy and he killed in on this week’s show.

Mark is the CRO of HubSpot and the author of The Sales Acceleration Formula.  He’s grown Hubspot from nothing to 100 million plus in revenue in 7 years.

Mark offers some great insight into how sales people can improve their demo capabilities and how sales leadership can build organizations that deliver killer demos.

If you or your organization rely on demos to make your number, you don’t want to ignore this video. Plus, the beginning is funny.

BONUS: If you’re a CEO, COO, or Sales Leader that is trying to scale your business, his book is a must.  It’s a brilliant combination of art and science.  What would you expect from an MIT grad?

51uqPhk34wL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_ The book is worth the read.