Tumblr vs WordPress -What should I use?





I’m redoing this blog and I’m seriously considering moving to Tumblr.  Here is why.

Content presentation: I like how different types of content are displayed. For instance, if I find cool quote to post, it will display the quote differently than a text post. I like how I can create picture slide shows, etc.  Each piece of content is treated differently.  I like this because it can create a more dynamic blog than I have now.

The mobile app: Tumblr’s mobile app is hands down better than WordPress. WordPress is a complete pain in the ass to post with from my Iphone. I’ve lost more posts from the clunky, unstable platform.  Plus, I like Tumblr’s simple posting UI.

UI/Ease of Use: Tumblr is simple easier to use and a better user experience.

These are the main reasons I am thinking switching.  I know there are a lot of pros and cons to each platform, so I’m not convinced it’s the right move.

I wanted to know what this community thinks. Should I switch to Tumblr?  Yes?  Why?  NO!  Why?

So, what say this community?  Tumbler or WordPress?


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