Do you know what you’re paid to do?

Do you know why companies pay you?

They pay you to think.

I know, pretty simple concept uh?

With that said, I’m amazed how few of us think today.  We are quick to ask for help.  We expect companies to give us direction, to create a paint by number environment for us.  We expect training, sales enablement, scripts, objection responses, etc.  We expect so much of our thinking to be done for us. That’s just plain crazy!

I’ve got some news for you, even if your company makes it easy, you still have to think. I have sales people ask me all the time what they should do.  Do you know what I say?  I ask them what THEY think they should do? I don’t provide answers right away. Why? Because, most of the time they haven’t thought it out yet.  They just hit a wall, stopped and started looking to others for answers. They are not thinking.

Stop asking people what you should do and start asking yourself what YOU think you should do.  Think. Use your brain.  Be creative. Get those synapsis firing.  Ask yourself tough “what if” questions.  Identify your options.  Weigh the pros and cons.  Look for alternatives. Do the research, and make assumptions.

 But whatever you do, THINK! 

(If you aren’t thinking, then why are you here?)