They are Called Spoils for a Reason – They Spoil

The mechanic who became a mechanic to join the union for the benefits, is rarely a good mechanic.

The aspiring actor who moves to Hollywood to be famous, can’t cry on demand and almost never makes it.

The person who gets into sales to make the big money can’t be counted on to make quota.

The kid who takes up golf to be the next Tiger Woods (OK, Phil Mickleson) can’t correct his slice and won’t make the H.S. Golf team.

The singer who auditions for American Idol because they want to be the next Mariah Carey has zero range and almost always gets their butt handed to them from Simon.

The person who wants to be CEO to live the CEO lifestyle and be the king at his H.S. reunion, can’t lead and won’t get out of the mailroom.

Becoming famous, the CEO lifestyle, the big money, being the next Tiger Woods or Mariah Carey are all the spoils of hard work.  They are what you get after years of hard work becoming the best at what you do.  They are the spoils of success.

The spoils aren’t a reason to do something.  A focus on what you get at the end never yields results.  A passion for what you do does.

The great mechanic doesn’t need a union.

The amazing actor who can cry on demand becomes famous.

The sales person who loves selling always makes quota.

The kid who is obsessed with golf and sneaks on to the course in the dark to hit balls becomes the next Tiger Woods

The singer who does everything with headphones on and is passionate about music becomes the next Mariah.

The person obsessed with growing a business, working with people and understanding finance, ends up living the CEO lifestyle.

Getting the spoils comes from focusing on everything EXCEPT the spoils.   Focusing on the spoils is what spoils the dream.

Focus on the trip, focus on the journey and the spoils will come.

Because it will make you rich, famous, secure, popular, or attractive is never a good enough reason.  Because you love it, want to do it everyday and want to be the best there has ever been is.

The spoils do just that — spoil.  Do it because you love it, not for what you’ll get.

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