The Secret to Getting Great Coaching

Being open to feedback and criticism isn’t the key to personal development and growth. It’s actually accepting the feedback.

The other day I was skiing and the person I was skiing with was getting frustrated and asked for some help. The wanted my feedback to help them get better. They were very open to feedback, they actually wanted it. This person is a good skier. They are a PSIA Level 1 ski instructor so they know how to ski. Here’s where things went wrong. They didn’t accept my feedback and so nothing else mattered.

No matter what I told them I observed, or prescribed, they had an answer. They already did it, they already knew that, it was too hard for the terrain, etc. With every suggestion they retorted with a response minimizing my feedback and suggestions and therefore not accepting my feedback.

As sales people we can be completely open to feedback but, if we don’t accept it, well then it’s just like not being open to feedback at all. Just because you say you want feedback, doesn’t mean your ready to accept it.

Coaching isn’t about being open to getting feedback. It’s about be willing to do something with your coaches assessment and advice.

Getting better at selling means you are open to getting feedback AND then actually doing something with it.