The Sales Pounding – You Have to Love It!

Sales is hard. That’s why not everyone does it. It takes guts to be in sales. Customers say; “No!” more than they say “Yes”. We’re often seen as annoying. Rejection is part of the game. We have to do most of our own work, find our own customers, do our own research, build our own game plan, and execute on it.

Selling is tough on the ego. It gives your self-esteem a pounding. Almost everyday sales begs you to quit. It calls you a wimp and dares you to throw in the towel; many people do.

Most sales people don’t throw in the towel however. They take the pounding and yet have this amazing ability to get back on their feet and get back in the fight. Sales people learn not to take everything personally. They’ve learned that failure is part of the game. They accept the fact that some people just aren’t going to like them and there is nothing they can do about it. Sales people know that selling is NOT an easy game and they love it.

Sales isn’t easy and the best sales people wouldn’t want it any other way, pounding and all.