The Power of Perception


I’m sitting at this park right now. These kids are about 12 feet up. This is a solid rock playground feature. Notice the two rocks that jut out at the bottom. If a kid falls from here, it’s not gonna be pretty. It’s a 12 foot fall, most likely into the rock that juts out.

If these kids were on the roof of a house, 10 feet up, or hanging out the window 12 feet up, everyone would be in a panic. They’d be screaming for the kids to get off the roof or away from the window. But, because this is a “playground” no one seems to mind.

Situations are never black and white. Context plays a HUGE role in how we perceive a situation and how we interpret information. On a ledge 12 feet up on a roof or on a window ledge is perceived as dangerous. 12 feet up on a ledge at a playground, just another day at the park.

Want more proof?

Ask a woman if she would feel exposed in public in just her bra and panties. Now change the fabric from lace to a stretchy material and give it a pattern and it’s a bathing suit and no one feels “exposed.” Call it underwear and we feel naked, call it a bathing suit and we feel just fine. There’s not much difference.

Context plays a HUGE role in perception. In sales our job is to manage and influence the situation. The best influence context too, cause they know it makes a difference.

Do you influence the context of your sales?

Can anyone think of another example of where context changes our view of a situation even if the reality is exactly the same?

Would love see what you guys come up with, go on and share in the comments.

BTW: at the publishing of this post, no one has tumbled to an ugly fall, including my kids. I think I’m gonna get a ladder for the roof at home. It will save us a trip to the park. 😉