The Path to Increasing Sales

Questions for your customers and prospects.

  • How do you find “A” players?
  • How do you manage developer costs?
  • How do you reduce spoilage?
  • How do you address theft rates?
  • How do you measure employee engagement?
  • How do you manage sales expenses?
  • How are you going to increase user engagement?
  • How do you route calls during peak times?
  • How do you manage back-up and recovery?
  • How do you address fleet inventory?
  • How are you going to launch your new product?
  • How do you use video to increase sales?
  • How are you going to address the new federal mandate?
  • How are you going to address deregulation?
  • How do you decrease failure rate?
  • How do you handle the off-season slow down?
  • How do you . . . ?

“How” is the road to the sale.

How shows us where improvement can be made. How highlights  the problems. How creates product and solution contrast. How uncovers opportunities and thats what sales is about.

How do you ask your customers and prospects “how?”