The Other Side of Sales

There are two sides of sales.  Most sales discussions focus on only one side of sales — the selling side.    The other side is the buying side.

Buyer’s have a difficult decisions to make.   They are responsible for making their life better, improving the companies operational profits, the customer experience, employee satisfaction and more.   Being a buyer isn’t easy.  Just as in sales, buyers fail, make mistakes, miss opportunities, and don’t make their numbers.

How much do think about the buyer?   How much of your time is spent thinking about the situation the buyer is in?   Do you know what’s at stake with your buyers decision.  What happens if they get it wrong?  What happens if they get it right?  Why do they have to make the decision in the first place?

The me centric world of sales often forgets the other side of sales.   The buyers role is no easier than the sales role.   Buyers have goals, responsibilities, objectives, and expectations.  They risk failure.  Their success is tied to their decisions.  It’s this dependency that makes the sales person and buyer relationship so important.

There are two sides of sales.  Spend time on the other side.  Know what your buyer is going through.   Understand what is at stake.   It’ll make the sales side a little easier.

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