The Other Reason It’s Called “Cold” Calling.

I saw this video yesterday and loved it.  I’ve made more than my share of cold calls.   Cold calling is hard.  Trying to “connect” with prospects within 10-15 seconds or less is truly a talent that takes skill.

I can relate with this poor guy.   I’ve felt like I’ve been as bad as this cat before.  Sometimes cold calling is just that — cold!  I’ve been on both sides of this call.  This is a very funny video.

The other reason it’s called cold calling is when you’re cold, it can get ugly. You HAVE to be on your game when your cold calling. You HAVE to be in a zone. You have to be attentive, targeted, crisp, and quick. It’s like being “hot” or “on” in sports. If you’re cold when your cold calling your done.

This guy is a great actor. He does a killer job. Had me laughing and recalling days past.