The ONE (or 50) Things You need to Know to Get Your Customers Attention

The ONE (or 50) Things You need to Know to Get Your Customers Attention.

There are a million things sales people need to do to get the customers attention and make the sale.  But there is one that is far more important than any of the others.  What is it?

It’s knowing, ahead of time, what problems your customers are struggling with.  I’m constantly amazed

at how often sales people reach out to a customer with no clear understanding what problems their customers COULD be dealing with.

Here’s a test.  Right now, write down 5 key problems your customers could be facing that your product or service can fix.  How long do you think it would take? Can you do it less than 30 seconds? Are you struggling to list 5? If you want to get your customers attention, you need to be an expert in THEIR business and that starts with knowing what they are struggling with before you even pick up that phone or send that email.

Before you engage with your customers or prospects make sure you’ve got these three things covered:

*                       Know what problems they could be struggling with


*                       Know the IMPACT of those problems, what pain do the problems create


*                       Understand the root of the problems, what causes them, how to address them and why they exist in the first place.

If you can do these three things before you ever talk to a customer, you’re more than half way to the sale.  A customer can have one problem or 50 problems and the more you know about them, what causes them and how to fix them, they more in demand you will be.

 So, what are your customer’s problems?