The Hearts of Sales People

I’m reading my friend Mike Weinberg’s new book, New Sales Simplified. I’m enjoying it so far and will share my thoughts with this community shortly. But, I couldn’t wait to share this quote.

This is a great explanation of sales. Read it, let it sink in and ask yourself, does your organization enable this or work against this?

Sales is not accounting. It’s not warehouse work. For that matter, it’s not like any other job. Sales is about people connecting with other people. When sales reps walk into an account, their demeanor, their pride in the company, their energy level, their confidence, their ability to personally connect with the buyer all matter—a lot. Salespeople have to believe in their company, and they must have their hearts engaged to succeed.

The money quote; “they [sales] must have their hearts engaged to succeed.”

Oft forgotten, sales organizations, like an over bearing lover, chip away at the heart until nothing is left then wonder why sales is slipping.

Are you engaging the hearts of your sales team?