The Growing Chasm Between Sales Person 1.0 and Sales Person 2.0

I feel there is a chasm growing in sales between those who are embracing Sales 2.0 and those who are not.

I’m not sure why, but I’ve always felt sales people and sales leaders can be some of the slowest adopters and critics of change. When things work, we stick with them. Sales people don’t change very quickly. It’s always been odd to me that people in such a dynamic occupation are so resistant to change. You’d think working in dynamic environment would attract dynamic people.

Sales isn’t changing. The science behind decision making is no different than before.  The “immutable laws” of selling are strongly entrenched. They will never change.

  1. There has to be a need for change.
  2. There benefit of change as to be substantial enough to warrant the change.
  3. The prospect has to have confidence the outcome is achievable.
  4. The outcome must be persuasive enough so the prospect can get others on board.
  5. The prospect must be able to clearly see the process of the change and how it’s going to happen.

Although the basic laws of selling aren’t changing, how we address these laws is changing big time. The “how” of sales is absolutely evolving.  What we used to focus on, the approaches we take and the tools we use are undergoing tremendous change.  Some of us are embracing them, but just as many of us aren’t and it feels like the chasm is growing.

What do you think? Do you see the same thing? Are you seeing two camps of sales people?  Is the chasm growing?  If the chasm is growing, why? Why are so many of us NOT getting on board with the changes?