The Great Sales Leader

leadershipThe good sales leaders ensure the funnel is strong. Good sales leaders make sure a good sales strategy exists. Good sales leaders motivate their team and keep them driving forward. Good sales leaders help their team close the big deal. Good sales leaders understand the sales cycle and help guide their team through it. Good sales leaders know how to identify talent. Good sales leaders accurately forecast to the company and are worth every penny.

Great sales leaders recognize it’s the people. Great sales leaders don’t just identify talent they develop it. Great sales leaders don’t ensure the funnel is strong, they teach how to grow a strong funnel. Great sale leaders don’t just guide their team through sales cycles they teach them how to manage them. Great sales leaders understand the strength and weaknesses of their teams and create a development plan for each of them. They coach, they teach, they mentor, they listen and they challenge. Great sales leader know it’s their responsibility to not only bring their team along, but also to bring them up!

Great sales leaders are invaluable.